iDx digital diagnostics platform

for fast track testing of pathogens and human DNA

iDx diagnostic platform

Our unique diagnostic platform offers a decentralized digital diagnostic technology for:

Multiple highly sensitive and rapid biological tests.

One cloud-based data platform

A family of standardized devices

iDx Multi assay biosensor technology

inventicsDx provides a microfluidics-based biosensor technology that enables rapid testing protocols for fast decision making.

iDx Cloud

iDx Cloud  is a comprehensive, flexible and intelligent platform empowering maintenance of iDx smart devices, backup of data and configuration as well as powerful analysis of data via graphical dashboards.

Intuitive, fast, secure, flexible.

Everytime, everywhere from every device.


iDx Family of Devices

inventicsDx provides a standardized family of devices for both types of assays for various use cases: mobile, benchtop and multiplexing.


Multiple targets one platform
inventicsDx future diagnostic pipeline

Pathogen monitoring


Drinking water
  • Legionella
  • E. coli / EHEC
  • Pseudomonas
Principle Hygiene
  • MRSA
  • other


  • MERS
  • SARS
  • other

Human DNA diagnostics

DNA diagnostics

  • Rapid virus diagnostics (DNA / RNA)
  • Targeted DNA-sections (solid / liquid)
  • Targeted mutations (solid / liquid)

With a wide array of rapid, point of care, cost effective diagnostics we are serving solutions for industry, laboratory, clinical and pharmaceutical clients.